July 24, 2024
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Here’s a look at greatest WWE wrestlers of all time

Here's a look at greatest WWE wrestlers of all time

WWE is a worldwide broadcasted combat sports which is liked by the fans all around the world. WWE superstars put in their sweat and blood to entertain the WWE Universe but some of them create great impact in the mind of many. On that note, here’s a note on the best and greatest WWE Wrestlers of all time.

5- The Rock

The Rock is willing to return for a match against his cousin Roman ReignsThe Rock was the poster-boy of the attitude era in WWE. He had tremendous technique and wrestling arts and his brilliance with the microphone just made him the fan favourite. Rock had an amazing ability to connect with audiences, which helped him reach the summit of WWE.

The people’s champ established his identity among younger fans. He also used to do his signature moves inside and outside the ring, which the audience liked immensely. The Rock made his own identity, even though he was part of WWE for just seven years but he will end up as one of the greatest WWE wrestlers of all time. He switched to Hollywood after a successful time with WWE and will always be remembered for his trash talking.

4- John Cena

John Cena reportedly wrestling at this year's WrestlemaniaThe 16 times world champion made his WWE debut in a match against Kurt Angle in February 2002 and has not looked back since then. He is one of those superstar who has gained the support of the fans and also got criticized equally. Even though he is off the WWE television, the man from Massachusetts is widely popular amongst the fans and they await his next appearance in the WWE. Its worth mentioning that Cena is currently busy with his Hollywood projects.

3- The Undertaker

Will Undertaker make a surprise entrance to WWE Survivor series?The Phenom retired from WWE recently after entertaining the WWE Universe for almost 30 years. He donned various gimmick’s like American Bad Ass and The Dead Man for which he will always be remembered by the wrestling fans. Coming out of the burning coffin several times, he shocked people and made Mark Calaway aka the Undertaker create a “mark” in the mind of the fans.

Despite the growing age, Undertaker kept entertaining the fans and gave some great matches to remember. Fans believe that the Phenom will make another return to wrestle in one last match.

2- Hulk Hogan

His rise in the WWF in 1980 was a revolution that made wrestling interesting, as never before. Hulkamania’s madness captured the wrestling world like a horrific storm. His signature moves, tearing his shirt off, all of them interested the fans and it still tickles in the mind of ardent WWE fans.

Even though Hulk Hogan no longer competes in the ring, WWE often invites him for one off appearances at times.

1- Stone Cold Steve Austin

WWE confirms the return of Stone Cold Steve Austin on RAWAfter the end of the era of Hulk Hogan, WWE needed a face and it came to and end after they found Stone Cold Steve Austin. From celebrating a win by drinking beer, giving a beer bath to his rivals and taking down the opponents with his stunners, Austin emerged from just another WWE superstar to a marquee superstar.

WWE started losing the magic in late 90’s and it was Austin who brought them back in the business. His wrestling career was cut short by injuries but he will still end up at the numero uno position in the list of greatest WWE wrestlers of all time.

WWE still switches to him when they fail to gather the viewership and the Texas Rattlesnake’s one appearance is enough to get the viewership back.

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