September 26, 2023

Adrenex S201 Nylon shuttle by Flipkart review and specifications

Adrenex S201 Nylon shuttle by Flipkart review and specifications

To compete with the big brands in the market, Flipkart launched its brand named Adrenex with very affordable prices to compete in the Indian market when it comes to badminton product. Adrenex is making some good series of rackets which can be preferred by recreational players, beginners or even some intermediate players. They also launched their Adrenex S201 nylon shuttle cocks to compete with brands like Yonex, Li-Ning and others but they have failed to put up a great quality shuttlecock but the price is very justified.


Cheaper, Moderate durable


Uneven flight trajectory, Performance not even close to a feather shuttle, Ideal for just recreational players

My experience

With a price of just under 200 rupees for 6 shuttles, i was very excited to try my hands at Adrenex S201 Nylon shuttle and i went to the outdoor court to try it for the first time. My initial expressions were that the shuttle looked very cheap like a 10-20 rupees shuttle and the nylon skirt material was so soft that it could not take any blows or smash and the skirt broke within one rally or lost shape. The cork is of rubber and not of wood so we can’t expect a great shuttle trajectory while playing.

Ideally, this shuttle is made for the people who play in their streets, in the park for just fun or recreational purpose and are not serious about the sports and if you are, you will end up being disappointed like i was. Don’t expect tight net shots or furious smashes while playing with this shuttle because as i said the flight is so weird that one who knows about the game will be just disappointed. So if you wonder if this shuttle if for indoor play, a simple answer is a big “No”.

General specifications

Type: Nylon shuttlecock
Ideal for- Recreational players
Speed: Slow
Cork material: Rubber or recycled cork
Price- Around 200 rupees
Quantity- 1 box contains 6 shuttles

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