December 10, 2023

Reports: Messi-Ronaldo rivalry to revive in Asia at Saudi Premier League

Reports: Messi-Ronaldo rivalry to revive in Asia at Saudi Premier League

The Ronaldo-Messi rivalry ended when the Portuguese striker decided to part ways from Real Madrid and play for Italian top tier club Juventus. He soon signed with Manchester United, a club which was instrumental for his rise in his teenage days and Messi-Ronaldo rivalry was only left in the Champions League until then.

However, an interview with British journalist Piers Morgan where the Portugal skipper criticized the club and the Glazer family, as well as saying he had “no respect” for manager Erik ten Hag means Manchester United terminated his contract and he was a free man when he stepped on the field for Portugal in the world cup.

Ronaldo then signed a lucrative 200 million dollars a year for two seasons deal with Saudi club Al-Nassr making him the highest paid footballer in the world but this also meant his rivalry with Messi comes to an end as a move to Asia was sure to ousted him from Champions League picture.

Messi to play in Saudi Arabia ?

Earlier it was reported that Paris Saint Germain suspended Messi for a span of 2 weeks for going to an un-authorised trip to Saudia Arabia and added that they reportedly won’t renew the world cup winning champion’s contract for the 3rd season. Its worth mentioning that Lionel Messi is the ambassador of Saudi Arabia Tourism. Most watched sports in the world-

If reports are to be believed then its speculated that Messi will follow the footsteps of his rival Ronaldo to sign for Saudi Arabian club to start a new chapter of rivalry in Asia.

It is speculated that Messi will surpass the deal that Ronaldo got, making the Argentine forward highest paid footballer in the world. Al-Hilal has emerged as the most likely destination for the 35-year-old and will be reportedly paid 400 million euros (Rs 3,620 crore).

Recently, Al-Hilal fans chanted the name of Messi and waved his t-shirts when their team was up against Al-Nassr comprising Cristiano Ronaldo.

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